HPBOD Minutes

High Point Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



The most recent Minutes of all monthly Board of Director’s Meetings will be published as approved at the following month’s  Board meeting.  They will be available on this page, by request at the High Point office and posted on the bulletin board at the Community Center.

HPCPO Inc. BOD MEETING, Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Baltic Building- 9:00 AM

 After the Pledge and a moment of silence, President Katie Russel held:  ROLL CALL: Dave Guzik, Lynda Anderson, Charlie Craig, Katie Russell, Tina Smyers, Paul Quintin, Susan Hildebrand, and Corrine Foti: ex abs Don McFarland APPROVAL OF MINUTES: BOD Meeting 9/29/2020, General Meeting 10/8/2020, Budget/By Law Meeting 10/22/20 – Motion to Approve by Dave Guzik, seconded by Paul Quintin. MOTION APPROVED.
  • Camera’s/Security System installed on computers in Baltic Office Bldg. Very nice system giving us clear
  • Rules & Enforcement golf cart replaced after numerous mechanical problems-fully funded from Replacement funds. Bought a new 2021 EZ GO for $6600 after trade-in.
  • Hernando County has agreed to amend the deed for the water project they are doing thru the Storage Compound. It ended up being their error back in 1996. They will deed it correctly to: HPHOA.
PERMITS: 9 New Permits. Motion to Approve by Tina Smyers, seconded by Lynda Anderson. MOTION APPROVED
  • Semi-annual buffing of the floors has been
  • Community Center will be completely sanitized after the Presidential
  • Kitchen project has been completed and we have received a lot of
  • Waiting on water dept. to put new line
  • Lynda’s repo rt – Final budget approved by BOD and presented at the Budget and By-Law
  • Golf Club has painted the area in front of the pool with beautiful tropical scenery. Looks like old Key West. Make sure you stop by to look at
  • Purchased a new blower for
  • Getting caught up on all the
  • Bocce Ball Court update: Power washing has been done on the cement and it looks great.
  • Will be replacing the wood around the Bocce Ball Courts also.
  • Will plan on training for the defibrillator in the pool
  • A sign was given to the Corn Hole Club to hang in their ar ea. Greatly
  • Just brought to our attention that we need to update the bathrooms in the pool area. Will look into and update at next
  • Motion to Adjourn by Paul Quintin, seconded by Charlie Craig. MOTION APPROVED. Meeting adjourned at 9:48
Respectfully Submitted
Tina Smyers, Secretary