In Memoriam

Your life was love and labor,
Your love for your family true.
You did your best for all of us.
We will always remember you.

This page is to recognize dear High Point Residents who have recently passed.  If you are aware of someone not on this listing  who has passed within the last month, please call us with their information. 

Donald Kleinmeyer

Ted Looney

Tom Ringo

Wanda Slabaugh

Jim Wareham

Tom Jamieson

Theresa Turcotte

Jack Warren

Tom Reis

Eugene Evans

John Nagle

JoAnn Gay

Fred Drury

Robert Tourville

Robert Noyes

Rose Mary Brannan

Elsie Angenola

Woodson Carpenter

Patricia Rafferty

Harriet Kramer

Amy Lymangrover

Dan Schweigert

Dorothy “Dottie” Mussatto

Irwin “Irv” Katlein